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You are trusting the documenting of your most special of days to two people who truly understand the meaning and value of love and joy.  Sarah and Scott aren't just a wedding photography team, they are also a couple who spent a very long time in finding one another.  If asked what the most important thing in life is, both Sarah and Scott would immediately respond with "Love"...and that is what makes them such a strong team that is willing to do whatever it takes to make your special day perfect.  

An added bonus...when you hire Heart to Heart Photography, you are getting two unique photographic perspectives that each provide something different and still manage to make it look as though your photographs were taken by the same person...how is that possible?  Sarah and Scott like to think that the same fate that brought them together gives them a natural insight into the other's thinking...so while some couples finish each other's sentences, Sarah and Scott "magically" know how to shoot and edit photographs exactly how the other would do it!

Sarah Williams

Sarah is a Wedding, Engagement and Creative Portraiture Photographer who has called the Central Coast of California home for over 15 years.  In that time, she has pursued her lifelong passion of photography with laser focus on technique, art and creativity, and is fortunate enough that her efforts have paid off so that she can call her "passion" her full time "profession"!   Sarah seeks to capture moments that, perhaps, may get overlooked or simply forgotten as a day passes.  Sarah isn't happy unless her photographs evoke an emotional response; when they do, she's done her job.  She is someone who is willing to get creative when it comes to location, posing, themed shoots, wardrobe, and general "feel" - if you can dream it up, Sarah will do her best to capture it.  Whether it is laying on the grass to get the perfect angle on your Wedding Ceremony, or utilizing the natural landscape to create props and ambiance for that perfect Engagement shot, you can feel confident that Sarah will do what it takes to provide you with photographs you will treasure for a lifetime.

As your Wedding Photographer, Sarah is easy going when she needs to be and focused when the situation calls for it.  She understands the most important rule of all...whatever the Bride and Groom want on their special day, they get!  

Photography is my art...instead of picking up a paintbrush or molding clay, I grab my camera.  Nothing in the world is better than combining my 'art' with the pure joy of a wedding or engagement!Sarah Williams

Find more of Sarah's work on her personal photography website, Mirror's Edge Photography.

Scott Smith

Scott has been shooting since the late 1980's.  Using 35mm cameras, he began as an enthusiast and worked for his college yearbook staff.  In the early 2000's he began shooting professionally: covering families, engagements, weddings, landscape and fine art photography in Omaha, and then in Colorado.  Also an extremely accomplished Web Designer, Scott has the ability to fuse creativity with technical prowess that is unmatched.  Whether it's overcoming difficult lighting challenges, or calculating the perfect angle to get that one of a kind shot of your First Dance, Scott knows how to get things done...with style!  With too many weddings under his belt to count, Scott has been in the industry for nearly 18 years - he's the guy who gets the shot...every time.

Find more of Scott's work on his personal photography website, Scott Smith Photos.

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